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Our Training Program

House Training Goals

  • Crate trained-be crated 7-8 hours at night without having an accident.

  • Potty trained– able to hold restroom for 2 hours during the day.

  • Chew trained– understand the word “no” quickly when chewing something they shouldn’t.

  • Bite trained– to rarely bite hands and if so understand the word “no” immediately when play biting too hard.

  • Jump trained– to hesitate jumping up and if they do they respond to the word “off” quickly.


Obedience Training Goals

  • “Sit“- to obey verbal command alone and hand command alone.

  • “Stay” – to stay from a distance of 10 feet for a duration of 10 seconds.

  • “Down“- to obey verbal command alone, as well as combined with the hand command.

  • “Come“- to respond to command given in peppy voice from a distance of 20 feet.

  • “Off“- to respond quickly to the word “off” and know it means not to jump up.

  • “Sit/Stay“- to hold a “sit” position for a distance of 5 feet for a duration of 5 seconds.

  • “Down/Stay“- to hold a “down” position for a distance of 10 feet for a duration of 10 seconds

  • Place Trained– to go on command to our designated “place”…a Kuranda Dog Cot and stay there at a distance of 5 feet for a duration of 5 seconds.

  • Stair Trained– to be able to go up and down stairs at a reasonable pace


Socialization Training Goals

  • Stranger Trained– accustomed to being picked up and handled by various people that work with us. Since pup is not yet inoculated they still won’t leave our facilities but will experience regular socialization from employees and guests.

  • Child Trained– all pups continue to be played with by my young daughter, client’s children and my niece and nephews.

  • Cat Trained– since they are not inoculated we limit exposure to other animals…even our cat

  • Vet Trained– capable of walking into the vet slowly without incident.

  • Noise Trained– accustomed to a television at louder levels and have improved level of comfort with the blow dryer. Still may have some issues with very loud new sounds.

  • Grooming Trained– accustomed to baths, ears cleanings and being dried. Will have fewer issues with blow dryer and very few issues nail clippings.

Outside Training Goals

  • Leash Trained– to walk on the left side with moderate distractions and rarely pull. They will also “auto-sit” when we stop walking with few mistakes.

  • Car Trained– capable of riding without any potty accidents for up to 3 hours and rarely get car sick.

  • Spot Trained– consistently using a specified potty area with pine shavings.

  • Thunderstorm Trained– never have any issues with thunderstorms whatsoever.

Level 3


Simple.  Easy.  Pick the day and time that works best for you, and come see our puppies!

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