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Simple.  Easy.  Pick the day and time that works best for you, and come see our puppies!


Place Your $100 Deposit

How Deposits Work

Placing a non-refundable, $100 deposit on a puppy, guarantees a puppy, of a specific color and/or gender, in a specific litter. We begin accepting deposits once our litters are born. The first person to place his/her deposit receives choice of first appointment day/time to pick their puppy. The second person to place a deposit receives second choice of appointment day/time, and-so-on.
We do NOT allow puppies to be chosen only from pictures, for many reasons:

  • You cannot tell a puppy's personality from a picture.

  • We are not photographers and many times the pictures don't reveal the true quality of the puppies.  

  • Puppies change every day!  What they look like today may change by the time you come to look at them.

  • You simply cannot make a "forever-decision" based on a low-quality photograph.

Once the puppies turn 8-weeks old, and have received their 1st complete series of puppy shots, and the "go ahead" from the Veterinarian, we begin showing our puppies.  We do not show them before this time, for the protection of our puppies, as they are not completely protected from the many fatal viruses that are common with all puppies.  In addition, we try to reduce the amount of stress placed on the puppies, while they are transitioning away from mom.  
Once the puppies are ready-to-go, all families with deposits get first pick of appointment times.  If any of these appointment times are scheduled more than 72-hours after the puppies are ready to go, the remaining balance on the puppy will be due.  For example, if the puppies are ready on Monday, but you can't come to see the puppies until next Sunday, the remaining amount of the money will be due on Thursday (not Sunday).  You are still guaranteed your puppy, but you must pay within 72-hours of the time the puppy is ready-to-go.
If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the choices of the puppies in the litter, you may choose to place the deposit on another litter.  But just an inside note...  we have not ever had that happen.  Everyone who has placed a deposit on a puppy has fallen in love at first sight.  We do, however, want you to know that you do have a choice, if you are not satisfied.

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