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Our Lifetime Health Guarantee

We are confident in the quality and health of our puppies, that we give each puppy a LIFETIME (10-year) Health AND Temperament Guarantee.  In addition, we give a two-year hip and elbow guarantee.  We are certain that we have the best guarantee of any other breeder in the business - that if you find a guarantee better than ours, we will match it or beat it!


Anyone considering purchasing a puppy in the State of Ohio, must know that Ohio does NOT carry a "Puppy Lemon Law." Without a written and signed health guarantee, you are "out-of-luck" if your puppy's health turns-out to be less than perfect. For this reason, you should NEVER purchase a puppy without a written guarantee.  In addition, you should carefully review the guarantee with the breeder's, and make sure it is mutually beneficial.  Not all guarantees are created equal, and the majority of health guarantees really only benefit the breeder.

Our Health Guarantee is Clear-cut in Simple.

We provide a Lifetime (10-Year) Health Guarantee to original Buyer, up-to the Purchase Price of the Dog, against any genetic defect, found to be untreatable and life-threatening, which could have been prevented with proper/ethical breeding.


We provide a Lifetime Temperament Guarantee,  up-to the Purchase Price, against any personality trait that would find the Dog to be considered unfit as a companion animal in a family environment.


We provide a Hip and Elbow Guarantee, against Dysplasia, for two-years from date of birth, up-to the Purchase Price of the Dog.

We review our contract, in detail, when you purchase your puppy and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.  You will receive a copy of the written and signed contract with all of the specifications and details.

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