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Our Microchip with Free Lifetime Registration and Online Training!


Your Dog's Microchip May Be His Only Link Home


We, at Outback Valley Acres – as dog breeders, US Citizens and decent humans, feel obligated to do our part to help protect the animals we love, produce, and create.  With just a little effort, we can possibly make a huge difference in the overcrowded shelters and rescues in each city.  We can maybe avoid the heartache of a child not ever seeing his “best friend” ever again…  Or even the suffering an innocent animal may experience, as a result of not having a warm bed for the night.


Too many healthy dogs are dying, or given to new owners because their family can’t find them.  There are numerous dogs stolen every day, forced to breed in puppy mills, used as dogfighting training bait, or resold as a practice called “pet flipping.”  In addition, countless of hopeless animals have been stolen and sold as experiments for medical research.  You can find additional information here. 


But there is a simple, quick, easy, inexpensive, and virtually painless solution to a very big problem.  Microchipping.

The microchip is a tiny transponder, the size of a grain of rice.  It is easily inserted under the puppy’s loose skin, over their shoulder, and can be read by any universal chip scanner or wand. The microchip can’t get lost, and the number is unique to the pet owner so the animal can be returned quickly and safely.  The best part – it can be done right in our home by one of our trained staff!

Here’s how it works: 


  • Your puppy has his microchip inserted

  • You receive the microchip number

  • You complete the form, right on our website, with all of your contact information and Vet’s information.  So if your puppy ever does turn up missing, we know how to get in touch with you!

  • Once you complete the online form, your information is entered into a nationwide and regional database. 


All shelters, police stations, Veterinarian’s, Animal trainers, Pet Store’s, Medical facilities, Dog groomers…anyone who is connected to this database will be “alerted” if your Pet ever goes missing.  If someone takes your Pet to one of these facilities (even pretending your dog is their own), the “alert” will always be activated and cannot be removed.  So, when your Pet gets a check-up at his “new” Vet’s office, or a haircut at his “new” Groomer’s, he won’t be going very far before you’ll be notified he’s been located.

We have also made sure that we have made this practical solution completely affordable and so far, no one has been able to beat our price!  For just $39.99, you receive the microchip AND the lifetime registration.  The average cost at the Vet’s office is $55-65 with an additional $20/yearly fee. 


This one is a no-brainer… Microchipping is the solution to a big problem.  Let’s fix this together.  Because we give our customer’s a lifetime (10-year) health and temperament guarantee, we ask that you have your puppy microchipped before he turns one-year-old.  Not only is this best for him, but there’s another reason – if something actually does happen with his health and you do need to use your Lifetime guarantee, we will be able to identify this is the same puppy we sold to you.  It’s that simple.  You certainly don’t need to have the microchip done with us, but it does need to be done, to keep your Lifetime guarantee active after the first year.

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