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Guardian Home Program
What does it mean to be part of Outback Valley Acres Guardian Family Program?

Being a Guardian Family for Outback Valley Acres is an excellent opportunity to have our “pick of the litter” as a pet. In exchange for providing a home for an Outback Valley Acres breeding dog and partnering with us while the dog is part of our breeding program, you will receive a fabulous dog at no cost, after you pay a small refundable deposit.  The deposit is typically 50% of the regular cost of the puppy price - or simply, half-price.


We offer this amazing program because we strongly believe that every dog deserves a loving forever family. We are not a kennel breeder and believe dogs do best in loving family homes.


All breeder dogs will go through initial testing close to six months of age. These tests are paid for by us, however, transportation is the responsibility of the Guardian Family. In addition, there are other ongoing tests that will be required. For example, a brucellosis test is given approximately every six months, females will be required to have a series of progesterone testing done at the time of heat cycle and the eye exam will be repeated at 12-18 month intervals, for the duration of the dogs breeding career. Guardians will be responsible for transportation to breeding unless other arrangements have been made. Guardians should live in close vicinity to Outback Valley Acres.


In order to ensure safety and health of our dogs and puppies in the program, there are certain requirements to qualify for our Guardian Program.  Just some requirements are:


  • Dog has access to fully fenced yard.

  • Must own your home or have written permission from the landlord.

  • Not have any other dog on premises that is not spayed/neutered.

  • Provide a crate for your dog to be in when unsupervised.

  • Ensure that the dog is well socialized.

  • Attend dog training classes

  • Have dog professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks. Grooming expenses will be the responsibility of the Guardian and can range from $55-$85 per grooming.

  • Be willing to provide ‘breeder approved’ kibble and other dietary needs.


Once the dog completes the Guardian program, registration paperwork, and the initial deposit is given to Guardian.  Males can be active in the Outback Valley Acres program up to six years.  Females are only active for up to five years.


This is a unique opportunity to partner with Outback Valley Acres and is why we are able to offer our extensive Lifetime Health Guarantee. Our treasured Guardian Homes make our breeding program possible! The most important requirement is that our Guardian Families provide a loving home for our dogs. If you are interested in being an Outback Valley Acre Guardian please fill out the application below. 

This application is for the purpose of selecting appropriate Guardian Homes for our breeding dogs.


Once the application is filled out, we will review the information and let you know if and when we will have a suitable match for your home.


Please remember that our Guardian Homes are Ambassadors in the community representing Outback Valley Acres.  It is very important that, if accepted into our program, you help us to reflect the well-mannered and well-groomed dogs that we are offering to families as the best pet dog ever.​

Simple.  Easy.  Pick the day and time that works best for you, and come see our puppies!


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