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Maisy (aka "Macy")

89 Pounds

Maisy, or as my daughter calls her "Macy" is a true sweetheart.  Extremely loyal and an amazing mother.  She's very gentle and has such a beautiful demeanor.  She always attends the kid's outdoor sporting events because she absolutely LOVES children.  Her puppies are just like her...


78 Pounds

Libby is such an intelligent, loving mother.  She was the easiest to potty train, as a puppy, and her puppies are following in her footsteps.  


Libby is also a great running partner.  She will drop her leash at your feet, whenever she's ready to "hit the road." 


82 Pounds

Triva is a "happy-go-lucky" sweetheart.  She's very affectionate and loving.  You will always find her playing with the kids or looking for a stick.  We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Birthday Girl

91 Pounds

"Girlie" is our beautiful black female labrador.  She is truly stunning.  A very loveable and dedicated mother and companion...  She loves playing with balls she finds in the yard!

Meet Our Dams - AKA "The Mamma's"

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