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Meet Our Sires - AKA "The Daddies"


92 Pounds

Our handsome Buster is truly an amazing guy.  He is super-friendly and loves to run outside.  He enjoys playing fetch for hours and can be seen most summer days in the pool.  He is an excellent father.


98 Pounds

Brody is one of our best chocolate labs, we have ever known.  Everyone who meets our Brody falls in love with him.  He is a big, gentle boy and loves everyone.  He enjoys interacting with other dogs and especially children!


89 Pounds

Snowy is such a wonderful Labrador.  His personality will make you laugh and melt your heart.  He is a true character - He would have been known as a "class clown" if he were human.

Snowy's favorite thing to do is "go outside" so he can come back inside and get his treat!


90 Pounds

Manson is a fantastic hunting dog and best friend.  He is truly loyal and very loving.


91 Pounds

Rocket is a handsome, intelligent Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  His stocky build is striking.

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