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About Outback Valley Acres
Welcome to Outback Valley...

We are your typical, down-to-earth, family-breeder.  Our family has produced some of the best quality, extremely content, well adjusted, and healthy AKC German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and English and American Labrador Retrievers, since 1983.  Our goal and ambition is, and always will be, to produce top quality puppies, and make our puppies affordable so all of our buyers can enjoy, and love, these great breeds.

To allow us to achieve our goal, we have established a unique "Guardian Home Program" which simply places our breeding dogs in "Guardian (Family) Homes" with other “typical, down-to-earth, families.”  They become co-owners of our dogs until we "retire" the dogs from our program.  (Usually after two breedings.)


This serves many purposes.  The main purpose is to assure that none of our breeding dogs are ever placed in a kennel situation.  We do not believe in keeping, and raising dogs, as “breeding stock” only, and housing them in a large building, inside tiny cages.  We want each of our dogs to be raised indoors, as part of the family. Believe us, there are many benefits to this! Our dogs simply turn-out better because of it.

We want our dogs and puppies to always be socialized and well adjusted. You cannot achieve this by keeping any dog in a kennel.  Our co-owners are as passionate about our dogs and puppies as we are, and follow our same philosophy and approach.  Once our breeding dog has had two litters, the co-owner then completely owns the dog, once it has been spayed or neutered.  We make sure that the focus is on the dog and never on the money.

Our dogs are selectively bred for temperament, health, conformation, trainability and disposition.  They are genetically tested through Paw Prints Genetics, prior to breeding, to ensure they carry the healthiest lines available. We believe strongly in feeding our dogs and puppies whole foods, organic supplements, and always take a holistic approach to raising our puppies and dogs.  


Each puppy comes with a lifetime health and temperament guarantee as well as a two-year hip and elbow guarantee.  In addition, we offer a lifetime, no-questions-asked, return policy.


We are proud of our Anti-Puppy Mill and Anti-Back-Yard-Breeder policy that we do not ever hand over full registration papers without personally verifying that spay or neuter has been completed.  We require proof of spay or neuter to keep your lifetime health guarantee valid.  We’re not trying to “police the breeding programs.”  We simply desire to have all breeders hold the same value and ethics that we practice, as we love and cherish our dogs as our own family members.

We genuinely enjoy working closely with our new Dog-Families and are here whenever you need us.   You are not alone in this journey.  We hope you enjoy the information in this website and will contact us whenever you need us.


Very Sincerely,
Outback Valley…

Piper and Marc have been together since 2012 and married since 2014.  This is their second marriage, for both, and they have five children.  Yes, they are a crazy-bunch, but it's never boring at the Tunno-house!


Marc enjoys daily walks on the property with the dogs, and Piper enjoys sipping wine, over-looking the beautiful country view.  Their children particpate in football, basketball, baseball and dance, as well as shoveling dog poop. 


Piper and Marc have been "gifted" with the privilege of placing all of the puppy-litters in their new homes, as well as maintaining all records.  Piper has previous experience with working with the American Kennel Club, as well as several years working with different animal rescues and shelters.  In addition, Piper has an extensive background in the Marketing field that is an asset when seeking new family homes.


Not only is Marc super-handsome, but he has several years of experience in training hunting dogs.  Marc has expanded his expertise to various areas of training and is now focusing his efforts on educating the puppy-buyers to make raising their puppies an easier, and more rewarding experience.

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