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Level 2

Level 2


Puppy Behaviors

  • Continuing crate conditioning

  • Potty commands (on leash)

  • Started on a potty schedule

  • Calm and quiet in crate

  • Calmly and quietly ride in crate in vehicle—offering to get into crate

  • Continued handling skills—brushing, nail trims, being handled ( ie, looking in mouth and ears)

  • Continued negative behavior elimination—no biting, chewing, jumping

  • 3 field trips per week for socialization and training


Level 2 Training Commands

**Commands at this level are on leash outside and in different places as well as off leash inside the home.

  • “Name” –this will get puppy’s attention and call them to yourself

  • “No” –for any unwanted behaviors

  • “Okay” – releases them from stay

  • “Sit”

  • “Down” – lie down on the floor

  • “Come” (from inside house and outside with long leash)

  • “Let’s go”—loose leash walking with minimal pulling using mild distractions

  • “Off”—continuing this command to stop jumping on people and furniture

  • “Wait”—to be released from inside crate

    • to be released to eat

    • at the door

    • when walking ie, crossing the street

  • “Sit Stay”—away from home on leash—10 feet away

  • “Down Stay”—away from home on leash—10 feet away

  • “Go Potty”—puppy to go to the bathroom on leash with commands

  • “Stand”—more solid stand with a short stay

  • “Place”—Puppy will go to his bed and not get off until released. Puppy can adjust positions, but must be quiet.

  • “Kennel”—puppy will go into crate

  • “Give”—puppy will release the toy to owner

  • “Leave it”—Puppy will not pick up items off of floor

  • “Wipe your paws”—puppy will stand and allow owner to wipe off paws after coming inside

**Please note: Each puppy is different and will demonstrate different degrees of knowledge with each command.


Simple.  Easy.  Pick the day and time that works best for you, and come see our puppies!

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