Our Training Program

Stages of Training


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for Puppies

Level 1 Training - Begins at 5-6 Weeks Old

Level 2 Training - Begins at 10-12 Weeks Old

Level 3 Training - Begins at 15-16 Weeks Old


Level 1


Puppy Behaviors/Manners

  • Introduction to the crate

  • Beginning crate training

  • Beginning Potty commands (on leash)

  • Started on a Potty Schedule

  • Continued grooming; (including but not limited to brushing, handling, nail trimming, ears checked)

  • Beginning elimination of negative behaviors—biting, chewing, jumping

  • 3 field trips per week for socialization

Level 1 Puppy Commands/Training

**Command at this level are on leash and inside home with mild distractions

  • “Name” –this will get puppy’s attention and call them to yourself

  • “No” –for any unwanted behaviors

  • “Okay” – releases them from stay

  • “Sit”

  • “Down” – lie down on the floor

  • “Stay” –taught together with sit and down for short durations

  • “Come” (from inside house and outside with long leash)

  • “Let’s go”—loose leash walking with minimal pulling using mild distractions

  • “Wait” –to be released from inside crate

    • at the door

  • “Off”—introducing this command to stop jumping on people and furniture

**Please note: Each puppy is different and will demonstrate different degrees of knowledge with each command.



Simple.  Easy.  Pick the day and time that works best for you, and come see our puppies!