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Our Training Program

Stages of Training


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for Puppies

Level 1 Training - Begins at 5-6 Weeks Old

Level 2 Training - Begins at 10-12 Weeks Old

Level 3 Training - Begins at 15-16 Weeks Old


Level 1


Puppy Behaviors/Manners

  • Introduction to the crate

  • Beginning crate training

  • Beginning Potty commands (on leash)

  • Started on a Potty Schedule

  • Continued grooming; (including but not limited to brushing, handling, nail trimming, ears checked)

  • Beginning elimination of negative behaviors—biting, chewing, jumping

  • 3 field trips per week for socialization

Level 1 Puppy Commands/Training

**Command at this level are on leash and inside home with mild distractions

  • “Name” –this will get puppy’s attention and call them to yourself

  • “No” –for any unwanted behaviors

  • “Okay” – releases them from stay

  • “Sit”

  • “Down” – lie down on the floor

  • “Stay” –taught together with sit and down for short durations

  • “Come” (from inside house and outside with long leash)

  • “Let’s go”—loose leash walking with minimal pulling using mild distractions

  • “Wait” –to be released from inside crate

    • at the door

  • “Off”—introducing this command to stop jumping on people and furniture

**Please note: Each puppy is different and will demonstrate different degrees of knowledge with each command.

Level 1


Simple.  Easy.  Pick the day and time that works best for you, and come see our puppies!

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